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Compressing Your PDFs On Foxit's Online PDF Editor

Have you read the "compress PDF" page on but can't make sense of the instructions? Would you prefer a simple, step-by-step guide?

You're in the right place!

Like you, I was confused by the instructions by Foxit. Frankly, it wasn't helpful.

But fortunately, I have time. So, I tested the online PDF editor. After a few tweaks, I found what I was looking for. And in this article, I’ll share the tips with you.

How To Use Foxit Online PDF Editor To Compress Your PDF Files

Before we delve into the steps of compressing your PDF online, there are a few things you must know.

What You Must Know About Foxit Online PDF Editor

  • While the tool reads "editor," you can use it for much more than editing. You can create, merge, annotate, and sign PDFs with the PDF Editor.

  • You can access the Online Foxit PDF Editor across all devices.

  • The Online PDF Editor is not entirely free. You can only access the features for 5 days without a subscription.

  • Without a subscription, your work won't be saved on the platform. In other words, download your edits as soon as you're done.

  • If you only need a compressor for your PDF, Foxit's Online PDF Editor is the best offer from Foxit. It shares the same features as Foxit PhantomPDF. Yet, it is cheaper.

That said, let's compress some PDF files!

10 Easy Steps To Compress Your PDF Online Using Foxit - With Pictures

  1. Visit ""

  2. Register an account - use your Gmail to avoid the long process of filing different forms

  3. Once the homepage loads, click the "Open File" at the top left corner, just under the Foxit PDF Editor logo

  1. Now, upload the PDF file you'd like to compress. Fortunately, you can do that from your local disk or cloud storage (OneDrive, Box, Google Drive, or Dropbox).

  1. Once the page loads, click "File" at the top left corner

  2. You'll see a bar underneath "File;" select "PDF Optimizer."

  3. Select "Reduce File Size" from the drop-down list

  1. Next, you'll see a dialog box asking about what PDF compatibility you desire. Leave the option at "Retain existing." Then, click "OK."

  1. Now, look towards the top right corner under your profile. You'll find a window showing the status of the compression.

Note: the compression might take a moment, depending on the original size of your PDF. For example, I compressed a 1MB PDF file for around 3mins.

  1. After a few minutes, your file will be ready to download. Voila, your PDF file size has been successfully reduced.

FAQs About PDF Compression

Won't Your PDF Lose Quality After Compressing It?

I can't tell the difference between the "original file" and the compressed PDF. The quality is the same.

What Percentage Of Reduction Can You Expect?

There is one fit-all answer, unfortunately. But I can provide an estimate:

For example, I compressed a 1009 KB PDF file. The final result was 868 KB.

Deductively, you can expect a 14% reduction. But again, that's not a general rule!

Pro tip: you can toggle the options under the "PDF compatibility" box (step 8) to achieve more reduction.

How Will You Identify The Compressed File?

The compressed file will retain the name of "the original file" - but with a (1) suffix. Or try this:

  • Check your downloads

  • Sort the files by date

  • The most recent file is the compressed file



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